A little birdie told me you'd
    visit Nana Land.


Nana Land is a happy, cozy story land designed for children and their gentle readers. Diana is the author of all the stories. Some stories were written from memories of raising her daughter, Meghan, and their times with their yellow Labrador retriever, Casey and their beagle mix, Penny. Other stories, like Whoand Trouble on Maple Tree Lane were inspired by her first granddaughter, Olivia. More stories are in mind for the future. Every story has a happy ending, perfect for those last thoughts of contentment and peace just before going off to dreamland.


  • Casey Finds a Home

    One by one, all the other puppies found their forever homes. Only one puppy was left and he was sad. “When will I find my forever home,” wondered the young, golden-coloured puppy looking down at his paws.
  • Casey Gets a Puppy

    It was a cold January morning. Daylight was almost here, but not quite.
  • Casey's First Christmas

    Casey was excited!  This was Casey’s first Christmas.   


  • Male black bear

    He enjoys the morning at his home at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, in Nova Scotia. There's nothing like a cool, refreshing hole to settle a furry hind end in.
  • Black Bear

    This male black bear is 6-7 years old. He and his female sibling were orphaned as babies. They were raised at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park where they live in a luxurious, large enclosure. Like any bear who has everything, he just HAD to have that lone maple leaf just on the outside of the fence.