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Marie's Family: The True Story

At school, the students drew pictures of their families. Marie’s drawing showed her family outside on a warm, sunny day. The carefully drawn family portrait highlighted the warm shades of spring, lovingly coloured in crayons. The grass was green and a yellow sun beamed in the corner of a blue sky.

My Magical Grandmother

On March 30, 2002, England’s beloved Queen Mother passed on to her heavenly reward.  On the following Easter Monday, Prince Charles spoke from his heart, wonderfully describing “his most magical grandmother”.  The words he spoke of his cherished grandmother described how I lovingly and truly felt for my own magical grandmother.

The Queen’s Purse

As a young woman, I admired our beloved Queen Elizabeth.  I thought she was the most beautiful lady alive.  I still admire her to this day.  There is one thing that has always puzzled me though, an unanswered question that has plagued me since my teens, and has been one of life’s little mysteries for me.

Sounds of August

I’m always happy when the calendar turns over to August.  Some of my favourite sounds invoke comforting memories of childhood summers on my grandparents’ farm.  To this day, I love these sounds.