Eastern Coyote


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  • Walks on its toes
  • Can be picked out from other coyote sub-species
  • Made stronger by breeding with the wolf
  • Very smart
  • Native American belief of coyote lore
  • Evolved from west to eastern coyote in 100 years
  • Hunts and kills other animals
  • Has one mate for life
  • Native American belief that the coyote is special
  • Expert and quick at hunting and killing prey
  • Humans cannot kill them off
  • Can learn to live anywhere and eat anything
  • Will eat what is available, alive or dead
  • Eats dead animals for food
  • Cleans up rivers and streams of dead animals
  • Can figure out how to find or do things
  1. Opportunistic  
  2. Invigorated Species  
  3. Eco-custodian  
  4. Highly Adaptive  
  5. Genetically Distinct  
  6. Shape Shifter  
  7. God's Dog  
  8. Digitigrade  
  9. Genetic Wonder Dog  
  10. Monogamous  
  11. Resourceful  
  12. Efficient  
  13. Predator  
  14. Scavenger  
  15. Ultimate Survivor  
  16. Clever  
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