Casey Finds a Home


One by one, all the other puppies found their forever homes. Only one puppy was left and he was sad. “When will I find my forever home,” wondered the young, golden-coloured puppy looking down at his paws.

“Look at those feet”, exclaimed a young man, “too big for our apartment!”

“Hmm, too rambunctious for me!” whispered a quiet lady to herself.

“Too hard to handle”, muttered a grandfather, shaking his head.

The puppy hung his head and became even sadder. No one wanted the puppy with the soft, brown eyes and the big feet. “Well,” thought the sad, but very smart puppy, “if no one comes to find me, I’ll just go and find them. I’ll have to find my own forever home.”

So, the next time the puppy saw the door open, he got up and just walked out. No one saw him leave. No one knew he was gone. The puppy was all by himself in the big world.

The sun shone down on the puppy. His short, golden-yellow fur glistened. It was a beautiful, sunny day. It was a perfect day to find a forever home.

The puppy walked and walked and walked some more. Soon, he found himself out of the town and into the country. He walked along the side of the road. Cars and trucks zoomed by. The puppy was scared. The puppy was hungry. But, he was determined that he must continue and keep searching for his forever home. Where could it be?

The puppy heard barking. He turned into a driveway to see if this was his forever home. Two big dogs charged down the driveway toward the surprised puppy. The puppy turned and ran back to the road. “Thank goodness for that fence,” thought the puppy, “this is not the forever home for me”.

The puppy continued down the country road. He found another driveway and started in towards the house.

An angry lady ran toward the puppy with a broom. “Shoo”, she yelled.

The puppy ran back out to the road. “Guess that’s not a good forever home for me either,” he thought, grateful to be away from the angry lady.

The tired puppy continued to look for his forever home. By now, it was almost suppertime and the afternoon shadows were growing long.

“Oh dear”, thought the poor, hungry puppy, “whatever shall I do?”

Just then, he heard the sound of a little girl playing on her front lawn with her mommy. The puppy’s ears perked up and he raced on to the front lawn and ran up to the little girl and her mommy. For a moment, the puppy, the little girl and the mommy just stared at one another in surprise.

“Where did you come from?” asked Mommy to the puppy.

“What a cute puppy he is!” exclaimed five year old Meghan.

“What lovely people these are!” thought the little puppy.

After awhile, Mommy went to the store and got some supper for the hungry puppy. Mommy and Meghan liked the puppy. They wanted to keep the puppy. Mommy talked to Daddy. Daddy sighed. He remembered his promise to his little girl that someday she could have a puppy. The puppy looked up at the Daddy. Mommy and Meghan looked at Daddy. Daddy sighed again.

“Oh, all right”, Daddy said, unsure of what kind of trouble he was letting himself in for. But, a promise was a promise.

“Yippee”, squealed Meghan, hugging the puppy.

“Yes”, smiled the happy Mommy, who had always wanted a puppy.

“Woof”, barked the happy puppy, “I have found my forever home.”

There was only one thing left to do and that was to give the puppy his forever name, and yes, you guessed it already. They named him Casey, and Casey found his forever home.

The End

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