Hodgepodge of Tales

Marie's Family

“Today”, said the teacher, “we will each draw pictures of our families”. The teacher passed out paper and the students went to work. Marie liked art class and here is what she did.

The Sunny Pink Tie

Father’s Day would soon be here. Meghan wanted to buy Daddy a special gift. What would it be?

Choo Choo Train

It was late in the night. It was quiet. Everyone was sleeping at Nana’s house.

Marie's Magical Christmas

Christmas would soon be here! Seven-year old Marie knew just what she wanted. Marie wanted new figure skates. She loved to skate and her old regular “baby skates” were getting a bit too small. “Mommy, I know what I want for Christmas” exclaimed the excited little girl. “I would like a new pair of figure skates.”