The Sunny Pink Tie


Father’s Day would soon be here. Meghan wanted to buy Daddy a special gift. What would it be?

“Let’s look in Daddy’s closet”, suggested Mommy, “we might get some ideas”, and so they did.

Meghan looked at all the ties in Daddy’s closet. There were so many ties that she could not count them all. “There are a lot of ties”, said six year old Meghan, “but there is one kind of tie that Daddy doesn’t have”.

Mommy looked down at her little girl and said, “Oh? It seems like Daddy has every kind of tie that there could be.”

“Not every kind of tie”, declared the brown-eyed girl. “Daddy does not have a sunny pink tie. I will get him a sunny pink tie for Father’s Day”.

The very next day, Meghan and Mommy got ready to go shopping. Meghan’s family lives in a little yellow house in the country, so they had to drive to town in Mommy’s car. My, how grown up it felt to be going shopping with her own money in her own pink purse, to pick out her very own present to give to her Daddy.

“Where will we find a sunny pink tie, Mommy?” questioned the little girl with the soft, rosy cheeks.

“Well”, answered Mommy, “there are special stores just for daddies, and we will visit each and every one until we find the sunniest and the pinkest tie in town.”

They went into the first daddy store and a very big gentleman with a round face and an even rounder tummy said to Mommy, “Good morning, Madam, may I help you?”

Mommy pointed down to Meghan and said, “Good morning sir, this is your customer today.”

The big round man looked down over his big, round tummy and said, “I see. Well now, good morning young miss. May I help you?”

“Yes, you may”, nodded Meghan who was very used to talking to grown-ups, “I want to buy my daddy a sunny pink tie for Father’s Day.”

“Did you say sunny pink tie? Hmmm…let me see,” said the big, round man looking through all the ties on the table. He frowned and picked up a tie. “Will this do?”

Meghan replied very politely, “That tie is salmon pink. I’m looking for a sunny pink tie, but thank you anyway.”

The puzzled round man looked at Meghan and asked, “What shade of pink is sunny pink?”

Meghan answered, “Sunny pink is a very bright pink, like the bluest blue sky on the sunniest day in the summer.” The man still didn’t really understand, but I’ll bet you do!

Off they went to the next daddy store. “I’m looking for a sunny pink tie for my daddy for Father’s Day”, said Meghan to the friendly young man who greeted her in the store.

He smiled at first, but after a moment he looked a little sad. “I’m sorry”, he said bending over to speak to Meghan, “I have no pink ties of any kind. Would another colour do?”

“No, I’m afraid not”, said the serious little girl to the disappointed young man. “It has to be a sunny pink tie, but thank you for your help today”.

Meghan and Mommy went to a third store. At this store, a small, kindly old gentleman greeted them.

“I’m looking for a sunny pink tie for my daddy”, stated Meghan.

“Well, I do have a tie here with pink in it”, the kindly man said, and he went to a rack with many ties hanging from it. He reached up, brought one down, and presented it to his young customer.

“Well, it’s a very nice tie,” she said carefully, “but the tie I’m looking for must be all sunny pink with no other colours in it”.

The man looked puzzled and quietly asked, “How can pink be sunny?”

“Oh”, said Meghan wisely, “Pink can be very sunny. I don’t see any sunny pink ties in here, but thank you very much for your help anyway.”

“Well now”, said Mommy softly, wondering if there really was such a thing as a sunny pink tie, “there are no more daddy stores in town, but we can try the big department store”, and so off they went to the big department store.

They walked into the store and looked for the section where the daddy things were kept. Mommy looked around doubtfully.

All of a sudden Meghan exclaimed, “There it is! There is the sunny pink tie!”

Meghan rushed over to the tie section and there it was. It was the brightest, and the sunniest, and the pinkest tie in town, and guess what? It was the only sunny pink tie in town. Mommy took the tie down and handed it to Meghan. Meghan examined the tie. “Oh my, this is exactly what I was looking for”, exclaimed the happy little girl.

Meghan and Mommy went to the cashier. The pleasant cashier lady looked down over the counter at the small girl.

Meghan handed the tie up to the counter and opened her purse to find her money.

“Will this be everything for you today?” the pleasant cashier lady cheerfully asked Meghan, and smiled at Mommy.

“Yes, please, and I have my own money to pay for it”, announced the proud little girl.

As they were driving home, Meghan looked at her purchase and then over at Mommy and said, “Daddy is going to love this tie. He’ll be the only daddy with a sunny, pink tie.”

Father’s Day soon arrived and when Daddy opened his gift, his eyes sparkled with delight. “Oh my, it’s a new tie! It’s a beautiful, bright pink tie! I will wear this tie tomorrow! I will be the only daddy with a new pink tie!”

The delighted little girl wiggled closer to her father. She looked at Daddy and said, “It’s a very special tie, Daddy. It’s a sunny pink tie.”

Daddy wore his sunny pink tie the very next day, and many times after that. And, to this very day, the sunny pink tie still hangs in a very special place in Daddy’s closet, waiting to be worn again.


The End

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