Hello! My name is Robert, but online I usually go by Buckles. I am a web developer who is currently working at Webbuildersgroup. I have been working with websites since I was 7 years old. In fact, my first site was hosted on Geocities. Boy, I can still remember all the pop up ads on my site.

My love of building websites started when my uncle showed me his Geocity website. I was so amazed that he made it; I wanted one like his! Then he showed me how he did it, and I was not impressed. Really, as a 7 year old, I knew there had to be more to it than that! The templates all looked the same; it took absolutely no skill to make a site. I ended up making a Geocity site like my uncle's and continued to look for other options. I stumbled across a Neopets page that was completely customized. The user linked to an article online detailing how to use html.

From there, I began learning HTML. I made a custom Neopets page, and I wanted more. This took me back to Geocites. I discovered that you could, in fact, make a website without templates. I spent hours and days making ugly websites with html, but I got some much needed experience working with tables and other cool elements.

It was a few years later that I realized what a pain it was to update my site. It was static; I had to update each page or element through code. So, I went looking for how others made their sites dynamic, and I discovered PHP. My little mind was blown away by it because I couldn't fully understand what it could do. I didn't completely understand how the database worked either, but I wanted to experiment with it so badly; however, Geocities didn't allow for their users to have databases.

I ended up finding a free host that did, and I began learning how the database worked, how to connect to it, and how to retrieve data. Soon after that, I bought a domain name for myself and paid for hosting.

During my college years, Diana and I became quick friends. We were both attending the college working to get our grade twelve, and we were both tutors at the college as well. Once college was done, Diana and I stayed in touch through coffee dates and Facebook.

During one of our coffee dates, she happened to show me one of her stories, and at that moment, I decide she needed a website of her own. Nana Land was born!