She is forever 12. On her outside, she looks like the grandmother she is, but her inner child lives free with a youngster’s inquisitive and magical outlook. She nurtures and cares for this precious inner being because this gift of child-like vision is the spring from where her delightful stories flow.

Her name is Diana Marie O’Connell and she was born 64 years ago in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Diana adores her retirement from the grown up work world and is now free to enjoy her creative writing. And, if that wasn’t enough joy, on May, 2013, Diana Marie became Olivia Marie’s Nana. Becoming a grandmother and writing these happy stories for children are her best jobs, ever. This is how Nana Land was born. Oh, and if that wasn't the be-all and end-all, another grandbaby girl just arrived on June 30, 2016. Her name is Summer Aurora.

Nana Land stories have all been published in The Colchester Weekly newspaper in Truro, Nova Scotia.

To kids and parents: Feel free to contact Diana at nana.land or email her at dianaoconnell[at]hotmail.com

Silly Nana

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    I will never really grow up, and here is the proof.

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    This is me in volunteer mode at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park. Today, I was teaching the 'Bear Facts'.

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    My mobile classroom/office at the Black Bear enclosure. Nana's travelling trail show.

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    Silly Selfies with Nana, Olivia, and Summer.

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    Olivia drew a portrait of herself and me (Nana), April 2022. Olivia does not have a beard. It's really her long brown hair. I do not have a buzz cut, or an old lady perm, but my hair was lavender purple that day.